As a flexible, affordable mid-sized Malaysia Interior/Exterior Renovation company, we are committed to overcome renovation challenges and provide onsite solutions. We believe that our success is based on true partnerships developed between our customers and our team. This partnership is founded on the values of mutual honesty, integrity and by upholding a higher standard of performance and service over other renovation companies.
With our business focus on home improvement, you can feel confident that your renovation needs will be expertly handled by experienced, dedicated staff. Our approach is simple - complete the task professionally and in a timely manner, all the while maintaining strict customer satisfaction guidelines. Bottom-line - Your top priorities are ours. Being family-owned, we realize that success leads from repeat business. We don’t want to work with home owners once; we want to build a partnership for the long haul.
Visit our portfolio for examples of completed work as well as works in progress. We believe that the success of renovation and design is rooted in collaborative processes that approach challenges and solutions holistically.
To be recognized as an outstanding renovation company while working to find the best way to optimizing our performance and running our business. To gain our customers trust and build a high standard reputation. To offer the highest quality services while remaining attentive and sensitive to consumers and environmental concerns and needs.
Vindoor is committed to providing the highest level of professional services and renovation expertise for all residential and commercial makeovers. We aspire to create graceful living spaces in urban lifestyle communities while offering comfort features & atmosphere. Our goals are your goals - improve the Interior/Exterior condition in order to increase peace of mind while maintaining cost effectiveness.
Working with us will provide you with the solution of high quality materials at fair prices, an experienced team and fast problem solving management. Our focus is to complete all projects, large or small, in a professional, yet personal manner. We are passion obsessed for land, nature, people and knowledge and also for the power and possibilities of renovation impact.
Feel free to contact Tom Chan - 012 638 2606

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